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Why Andiman?

Andiman gives you easy access to a bank of qualified renovation contractors covering some twenty specialities.

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Simple, fast and user-friendly process that allows you to view the profiles of the best contractors available for your project

Satisfaction warranty

Professional, courteous, qualified contractors who will have been evaluated by other clients like you who are committed to delivering a quality project that meets industry standards


Andiman offers entrepreneurs holding a license from the RBQ, surety and insurance so that you have peace of mind during your work.

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Pay the right price for your renovation projects

On Andiman, you'll find a vas selection of renovation contractors offering their services at an hourly rate ranging from 50$ to 95$.

This rate varies according to :

  • Your place of residence
  • The speciality of the selected entrepreneur
  • When you choose to ahve the work done

Who are the contractors?

All our renovation contractors have been approved according to very specific selection criteria.

By doing business with Andiman, you can count on entrepreneurs holding a license from the RBQ, liability insurance and bonding. In addition, each entrepreneur on the platform has agreed by registering, to respect the vision and code of conduct of Andiman. We offer you respectful, courteous, efficient and professional entrepreneurs.

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Andiman, a platform based on a collaborative economy, revolutionizing the renovation industry.

« J'ai bien apprécié mon expérience avec Andiman. Le service a été super rapide et l'entrepreneur m'a fait des suivis journaliers de l'avancement du chantier avec des images par courriel. Je me suis senti en confiance du début à la fin. »

Étienne Bernier


« Une application web révolutionnaire pour le monde de la rénovation. Extrêmement simple d'utilisation pour les clients et rapidement exécuté par les entrepreneurs! »

Félix Gagné-Frégeau


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